It will be broadcast on YouTube and Reale Mutua's Facebook page, as well as to his community of over 6 million Instagram followers, 5 million on Facebook and 3 million on Twitter.

The videos present Buffon from a new perspective, away from the football field. He is shown relaxed and smiling, wearing corporate clothing and embodying the Company's values and commitment to Prevention.

In the three episodes of the series, Gigi comes to the aid of the people in the commercials, inviting them to think ahead:

Gigi and the

A likeable, smiling pensioner appears not to be tall enough to get a good view of what's going on at a work-site...


Gigi and the
short circuit

It looks as though a middle-aged couple are going to have to skip dinner due to an electric fault... Has the evening been ruined?


Gigi and the

A cheerful family braves a cold winter's day without the right clothes...


A champion of prevention but also of post-claim assistance, just like the Company he represents, Buffon helps the people in the commercials (likeable pensioners, a family on a cold winter's day and a couple during dinner) to think in advance.

The aim of the campaign, developed in partnership with the creative advertising agency SportSuite, the Miyagi production company and planned by InMediaTo, is to increase brand awareness and strengthen the Company's position in the Welfare sector using a product call to action proposing three excellent solutions: Cento Stelle Reale, CasaMia and Realmente in Salute.