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Reale ITES, established on October, 2018, is the Reale Mutua Group's first transnational business enterprise. ITES stands for Information Technology Engineering Services.

A company founded as part of a well-established Group with a long history and a challenging road ahead.

A business entity born from the idea to bring together a team of men and women from Italy and Spain to develop a single information technology platform and exploit all the synergies that are necessary for a group like the Reale Mutua Group.

IT has become a key factor of competitiveness for all business concerns. The mission of Reale ITES is to improve the Group's information processes, develop faster, more streamlined operating processes and enhance all-round efficiency and efficacy, in order to deliver an excellent product to the end customer and give the Group a competitive advantage.

A European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) was created to represent this entity. Based in Turin with a secondary office in Madrid, Reale ITES has around 250 employees, 175 of whom are based in Turin and 75 in Madrid.

The slogan, "Sapere, saper fare e aver desiderio di fare" (Know, know how to do and have the desire to do) sums up the important commitment as well as the satisfaction that comes with being a nodal point, where everyone can and must do their bit. An opportunity to develop existing areas of excellence and expertise, widen the scope of reference, acquire new skills and work in an environment with a broader horizon.

Like the other companies within the Group, Reale ITES is committed to promoting corporate social responsibility, sharing the principles, values and guidelines set out in the code of ethics and environmental management policies.

IntegRity, cohEsion, innovAtion, responsabiLity, pEople, Immagination, togeTher, evEryone, Service, are the guiding principles of Reale ITES.​

  • ​​​​​​Presidente del Consiglio di Amministrazioneexpand_more


    Lana Ing. Luigi

  • Amministratore Delegatoexpand_more

    Amministratore Delegato

    BARIONI Dott. Marco

  • Amministratoriexpand_more


    Amoroso Sig. Donato


    Avino Dott. David


    Bertalot Dott. Andrea


    Mariscal Carnicero Dott. Ignacio


    Montanari Ing. Gianmarco


    Viora Conte Dott. Vittorio​ Amedeo

​Consiglio di Amministrazione: 2020/2022 (fino all'Assemblea che approva il bilancio al 31/12/2022)
Collegio Sindacale 2020/2022 (fino all'Assemblea che approva il bilancio al 31/12/2022)


Sede Legale​: Calle Principe de Vergar​a, 125 - 28002 Madrid (Spagna)

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