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Reale Immobili S.p.A., a member of the Reale Mutua Group, was established in 2002. It manages, preserves and maximises the value of its own real estate assets and those of other Group companies, and provides them with advisory services.

Reale Immobili is based in Turin and has two branch offices: one in Rome and one in Milan. Its real estate assets mainly consist of entire buildings used for different purposes. The majority of these are located in Turin, Milan and Rome. They cover a total surface area of more than 500 thousand square metres and have a market value of over € 1.3 billion. The mission of Reale Immobili is to increase the profitability of its assets by ensuring their regular upkeep and improvement in order to maintain and optimise the composition of the portfolio. This also includes selling non-strategic assets as a means of diversifying the risk. Reale Immobili undertakes its business activities with a sense of responsibility, fully aware that each future project is built on the past.

  • ​​Chairman of the Board of Directorsexpand_more


    Mihalich Dott. Iti

  • Directorsexpand_more


    Filippone Dott. Luca


    Gallazzi Avv. Carla Elena


    Gaspari Dott.ssa Roberta


    Melzi D’Eril Dott. Carlo Amedeo​


    Quaglino Prof. Alberto


    Visconti Nob. Avv. Don Giuseppe


    Weigmann Avv. Marco

  • ​Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditorsexpand_more


    Aschieri Dott. Edoardo

  • Acting Auditorsexpand_more

    Acting Auditor

    Beraldi Dott. Mario

    Acting Auditor

    Levis Dott. Marco

  • Substitute Auditorsexpand_more

    Substitute Auditors

    Alde' Dott. Giuseppe

    Substitute Auditors

    Barreca Dott.ssa Barbara Maria

  • General Managerexpand_more

    General Manager​

    Ramella Arch. Alberto

Terms of office: 
Board of Directors: 2019/2021 (until the Shareholders' Meeting to approve the financial statements as at 31/12/2021) 
Board of Statutory Auditors: 2017/2019 (until the Shareholders' Meeting to approve the financial statements as at 31/12/2019​)


To find out more about Reale Immobili visit the corporate website:​

Reale Immobili S.p.A.
Via Corte d’Appello, 11 – 10122 Turin, (Italy)
Tel. +39 011 4311111 - Fax +39 011 4350966

Via Foro Bonaparte, 46 – 20121 Milan (Italy)
Tel. +39 028054915 – Fax +39 028055031

Via XX Settembre, 26 – 00187 Rome (Italy)
Tel. +39 0645548711 – Fax +39 0642010093

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