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Reale Seguros Generales is the Spanish non-life insurance company that joined the Reale Mutua Group in 1998.

It offers a wide assortment of insurance products and services for individuals and SMEs, designed to meet different requirements and expectations.

In 2011 Reale Seguros extended its product range, in partnership with Reale Vida, established in 2010, enabling the Group to expand its life insurance business in Spain.

With a workforce of almost 1,000, a network of 341 agencies and a team of highly-qualified agents and co-workers, Reale Seguros Generales serves more than 1,500,000 Policyholders.

Alongside the other traditional methods, the company also operates through the bancassurance channel, which opens up new contact and distribution opportunities. Policyholders can contact Reale Seguros via internet or through its call centre service, available from Monday to Saturday, to discuss any doubts they may have and request information about policies, claims and products.

For Reale Seguros quality is a priority that is constantly pursued. In addition to the Customers' Ombudsman, which is compulsory for all organisations, Reale Seguros has set up its own "Servicio de Atención y Defensa del Cliente" (SADC), an independent regulatory board to settle disputes and protect customers’' interests. If the Policyholder agrees with the Ombudsman's decision, this is always binding on the company.

Like all the other companies within the Group, Reale Seguros is committed to the highest standards of corporate social responsibility and works on a day-to-day basis to guarantee the respect and protection of all its stakeholders. In 2011 it set up a special committee formed of representatives from the various company departments, to oversee the development and compliance of the company's overall corporate social responsibility strategy as part of all corporate processes and procedures.

  • ​​Chairman of the Board of Directorsexpand_more


    Lana Ing. Luigi

  • Deputy Chairmanexpand_more

    Deputy Chairman

    Weigmann Avv. Marco​

  • CEOexpand_more


    Mariscal Dott. Ignacio

  • Directorsexpand_more


    Alessi Avv. Rosario


    Bruno Dott. Walter (Presidente)


    Claretta Assandri Dott. Paolo


    Facchinetti Pulazzini Avv. Giovanni​


    Filippone Dott. Luca


    Gaspari Dott.ssa Roberta


    Mihalich Dott. Iti


    Viora Conte Dott. Vittorio Amedeo

  • Board Secretaryexpand_more

    Board Secretary

    Olague Ricardo

  • General Managerexpand_more

    General Manager

    Mariscal Ignacio

    General Manager

    Lopez Fernandez Jose Ramon

  • Comision de Auditoriaexpand_more


    Bruno Dott. Walter (Presidente)


    Claretta Assandri Dott. Paolo


    Viora Conte Dott. Vittorio Amedeo

Terms of office:
Board of Directors: 2017/2019 (until the Shareholders' Meeting to approve the financial statements as at 31/12/2019​)


To find out more about Reale Seguros ​visit the corporate website:

Reale Seguros Generales S.A.
Calle Principe de Vergana, 125​
28002 Madrid (Spain)
Tel. +34 914547400 – Fax: +34 914547405 - Customer Service: 902 400 900

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