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Reale Mutua, founded in Turin in 1828, is Italy's biggest mutual insurer and the parent company of the Reale Mutua Group. It has one of the soundest financial positions in the market, borne out by a solvency ratio of 455%.

Founded in 1828, Reale Mutua has a proven track record of professional integrity, reliability and innovation spanning almost two centuries. These characteristics have made it a point of reference in the insurance market.

The company's mission embraces its mutualistic nature: to focus on the needs of Member-Policyholders, and guarantee reliable, high-quality products and services through the ongoing commitment of its competent professional workforce. Policyholders with mutual insurers are also Members of the company and, as such, benefit from a series of privileges and advantages. These include mutuality benefits in the form of reductions on premiums for non-life policies and increased returns on capital insured for life policies. Reale Mutua has one of the soundest financial positions in the market, borne out by a solvency ratio that stood at 455% at the end of 2014.

With some 1,400 employees and a nationwide network of 343 agencies, Reale Mutua is also the parent of a Group with subsidiaries in Italy and Spain, and a total workforce of more than 3.000 people. It provides insurance cover to around three and a half million Policyholders and in 2014 reported premium income of over 3,7 billion.

The focus on Member-Policyholders is also reflected in the company’s Social Responsibility. policy. Sustainability is a fundamental value for Reale Mutua, which has always adopted ethical and transparent management policies, supported cultural activities and worked to protect the environment, foster social protection of people and the community.

  • ​​​​​Chairman of the Board of Directorsexpand_more


    Lana Ing. Luigi

  • Directorsexpand_more


    Baudi Di Selve Conte Dott. Maurizio


    Carrara Ing. Mario


    Facchinetti Pulazzini Conte Avv. Giovanni


    Greppi Prof. Edoardo


    Guidobono Barone Amb. Cavalchini Dott. Luigi


    Mihalich Dott. Iti


    Pavesio Avv. Carlo


    Pene Vidari Prof. Avv. Gian Savino


    Viora Conte Dott. Vittorio Amedeo


    Weigmann Avv. Marco

  • ​Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditorsexpand_more


    Aschieri Dott. Edoardo

  • Acting Auditorsexpand_more

    Acting Auditor

    Beraldi Dott. Mario

    Acting Auditor

    Levis Dott. Marco

  • Substitute Auditorsexpand_more

    Substitute Auditor

    Alde' Dott. Giuseppe

    Substitute Auditor​

    Barreca Dott.ssa Barbara Maria

  • General Managerexpand_more

    General Manager​

    Filippone Dott. Luca

  • Deputy General Managerexpand_more

    Deputy General Manager

    Bertalot Dott. Andrea

  • Co-General Managerexpand_more

    Co-General Manager

    Luvie' Dott. Massimo

  • Board Secretaryexpand_more

    Board Secretary

    Luvie' Dott. Massimo

Terms of office:
Board of Directors 2018/2021 (until the Shareholders' Meeting to approve the financial statements as at 31/12/2020​)
Board of Statutory Auditors: 2018/2021​ (until the Shareholders' Meeting to approve the financial statements as at 31/12/2021​)


To find out more about Reale Mutua visit the corporate website:

Reale Mutua Assicurazioni
via Corte d'Appello 11
10122 Turin (Italy)
tel. 011 4311111 - fax 011 4350966

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