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The concept of mutuality, which is the essential characteristic of Reale Mutua, is a value that is also shared by all the other companies within the Group. It is a constant source of inspiration that drives them to focus on safeguarding the interests of Policyholders who, in the case of a mutual, are also Members, and on continuously improving the quality of their services and ass

This approach characterises the day-to-day activities of each member of the Group, whose corporate cultures are based on observance of and compliance with values and principles that foster honest, transparent conduct. The Group is committed to the ethical and responsible pursuit of profitability and the adoption of growth models where personal well-being goes hand in hand with that of the company as a whole.

Sustainability, meaning the ability to ensure performance in business, social and environmental spheres, is a strategic issue for the Group. The aim is to achieve long-term development with the backing of the various stakeholders.

The Group’s mutual nature helps to create a positive image in terms of trustworthiness, reliability, quality of services and ability to interpret the needs of its customers and the community.

I Benefici di mutualità di Reale Mutua Assicurazioni nel 2017.

Le Iniziative per la collettività​ di Italiana Assicurazioni nel 2017​.

Mutuality benefits

Mutuality benefits

Policyholders with Reale Mutua are also Members of the company. A strong bond is created between the mutual insurer and its Member-Policyholders. As the company does not have to pay dividends to shareholders, it can share its profits with Members in the form of mutuality benefits. These take the form of reductions in premiums for non-life policies and increased returns on capital insured for life policies.

In 2015 Reale Mutua allocated € 10.5 million to Mutuality Benefits, which it distributed among 340,000 Members, who benefited in different ways.

In the non-life business Reale Mutua granted mutuality benefits in the form of a 10% reduction in the premium for the Agrireale policy and offered the complete Assistance guarantee* free of chargestrongto holders of the Casamia policy.


In the life business mutuality benefits on savings policies linked to the separate management account took the form of an extra 0.36% return on the Reale Uno fund and of 0.25% on the Speciale fund​.

* For approval of Mutuality Benefits and conditions for access
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Community initiatives

Community initiatives

In synergy with the parent company Reale Mutua, for 2015 Italiana Assicurazioni will once again reduce the cost of the assistance guarantee for all holders of home multi-risk policies, or offer the guarantee under the same conditions if not already purchased, subject to certain criteria being met.

The offer applies to the home multi-risk policies “Casa e Famiglia”, “Tutto Casa”, “In Casa”​ with a taxable premium of at least € 70, in force for at least one year as at September 30, 2014, also considering any replacements, and for which no claims were made between September 30, 2011 and September 30, 2014.
This year's communication materials again feature a Customer of Italiana Assicurazioni from 1982.

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